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Concrete Technology Laboratory:

In this perform different experiment on aggregates, cement, sand etc. Like Fineness of Cement, Normal consistency of cement, initial & final setting of cement, compressive strength of cement, soundness of cement etc.

Engineering Geology Laboratory:

In this lab have a different sample of rocks and minerals.

Geo technical Laboratory:

In this lab perform different experiment on soil. the experiment consist of triaxial shear test, permeability test, relative density of soil, plasticity index of soil, etc.

Mechanics of Solids Laboratory:

In This Lab Equipped With Different Instrument Like Rock Well & Brinell Hardness Machine,  Universal Testing Machine 40 Ton, Single Purchase Crab, Wheel & Differential Axle,Universal Force Table, Combined Inclined Plane & Friction Slide App. Etc.

Surveying Laboratory:

This Lab Equipped With Precise Surveying Instrument Like Plane Table, Prismatic Compass, Auto Level With Stand, Dumpy Level With Stand, Planimeter, Vernier Theodolite Surveyor Compass Lab also have a modern surveying instrument like GPS, Total station etc. This lab performs different experiment related to surveying subject.

Transportation Engineering Laboratory:

In this lab equipped with the entire instrument related to transportation Engg. Subject like los angles & deval abrasion testing instrument, field CBR apparatus, flash & fire test of bitumen, etc.

Water & Waste Water Engineering Laboratory:

This lab equipped with very sophisticated instrument related to env. Engg. The instrument consist of BOD & COD apparatus, Muffle Furness, High volume sampler, etc.

Model Room:

This room consists of different model of scaffolding, brick masonry, truss, frame, window, door, different foundation details etc.

CAD Laboratory: Lab more than 20 computers with license version of Auto CAD software. Applied Fluid Mechanics Laboratory:

The objective of this laboratory is to acquire the understanding of fluid mechanics system. The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory experiments are set up so that experiments can be performed to complement the theoretical information taught in the fluid mechanics lecture course. Our lab equipment includes Multipurpose tilting channel carried out wide range of experiment, water hammer apparatus, centrifugal pump system, wind tunnel etc.

Earthquake Laboratory:

The objective of the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory is to support research for improving the seismic behavior of engineered structures. The high-tech earthquake simulator (or shake table), key feature of the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory, is designed to accurately reproduce an earthquake event and, as such, is ideal for evaluating the performance of structures during earthquake conditions. Shake-table tests carried out with different models will enable students to examine and develop structural control strategies and other advanced technologies to improve the seismic performance of bridges, buildings and civil infrastructure.

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