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Electronics & Communication Engineering

About The Department

Electronics & Communication engineering broadly deals with systems related to acquiring,communicating, manipulating and analyzing information. To put it in simple words EC covers wide area of applications from small sensor to huge satellites, simple calculators to fast computers, microwave ovens to missiles, mobile phones to medical electronics, automation in industries to electronics in automobiles etc. EC has achieved fastest technology growth ever among all domains of engineering and has registered its spread in almost all areas of application. Presence of EC has become ubiquitous and has undoubtedly become one of the basic branches in Engineering along with Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Job prospects:

India is among-st the fastest growing telecom markets and creates a strong opportunity space for electronics and communication engineers. Graduates also have bright placement opportunities even in the IT industry, both in the software and hardware fields. As an Electronic Engineer, entry level positions in Government departments are by direct recruitment through advertisements in newspapers. Selection to Gazetted posts is through competitive examinations conducted by Union and State Public Service Commission. A large number of electronics and communication engineers can get jobs in government organizations like MTNL, BSNL, Civil Aviation, NPL, AIR, Posts and Telegraph Department, Railways, Bharat Electronics Limited and DRDO, among many others. Opportunities are multifold for Electronics and Telecommunication engineers. They are only limited by one’s aptitude, training, and determination. Bright students are able to secure even higher packages with specialized training in specialized areas like Mobile computing and VLSI Design.

Annual Intake: 60 STUDENTS

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