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Engineering Drawing Laboratory:

In Engineering Graphic Laboratory students can develop skills in drafting.

Elements of Mechanical Engineering Laboratory:

The elements of mechanical engineering laboratory provide basic idea about mechanical engineering through different types of models.


The workshop practice is intended to impart basic knowledge of various hand tools and their usage in manufacturing. It include Carpentry, Fitting, Black smithy, Tin smith etc.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory:

This laboratory is used to explain introduction to the mechanics of in-compressible and compressible fluids.

Machine shop:

Machine shop provides practical application of the concepts and principles of machining operations. Which include measuring tools, lathes, drilling machines, saws, milling machines, bench grinders, and layout instruments.

Material science and Metallurgy Laboratory:

Material science and Metallurgy Laboratory provides practical application of the concepts and principles of metallography and micro structure analysis.

Theory of Machines Laboratory:

Theory of machine deals with study of relative motion between various parts of a machine and forces which act on them.

Fluid Power Engineering Laboratory:

Fluid power plays an important role in industry. Objective of this laboratory is to introduce students to hands on exercises of connecting up fluid power circuits and observing how they operate.

Conventional Power Engineering Laboratory:

The main purpose of models available in laboratory is to represent how to produce electricity by using conventional power plants.

Computer Aided Design Laboratory:

This laboratory introduces the student various techniques of computer aided design that are essential in today’s job market.

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